Artist to Watch: Made In Heights

In the competitive rising genre of electro-pop, many synthetic soft duo's get left behind, but one duo has been riding a tidal wave of success: Made In Heights. Composed of producer Sabzi, of the Blue Scholars, and vocalist Kelsey Bulkin, a San Diego native, Made in Heights has made a significant impression on the musical community. Their sound is like a foreign lullaby, easing the listener into a synthesized daze caressed by the simplistically soft vocals of Bulkin.

Which brings us to Monday night at the Bardot.

When Made in Heights was released on Bardot's weekly school night! line-up it created quite the buzz throughout our local neighborhood. L.A. radio station KCRW received over a 1000+ reservation for the show and was greeted by a momentous line. The show was outstanding mixed with beautiful vocals and amazing live set by Sabzi. This duo has already paved their way to ensuring a spot on next years festival lineups, I can almost hear their sounds vibrating through the warm bodies of Coachella.

Lend a receiving ear to their latest release, "Murakami."

By: Ben Slavich