Artist To Watch: Panama Wedding


Panama Wedding at Hype Hotel. Photo: Joy Shi

New York City indie pop outfit Panama Wedding was one of our acts to watch at SXSW due to their heavily unforgettable single, “All Of The People.” (We’d also like to call out Brooklyn’s Savoir Adore on their remix game - their version totally blew us away too.) While in Austin, we were lucky to catch a second with the band before they got busy playing. Check it out below! 

Fun fact: Used to work a day job in finance, now a full-time music maker. (He doesn’t regret it a bit.) 

Name: Peter Kirk 

Band members: Lauren Zettler, Jared McCarthy, Brett Spigelman, Kenny Bernard 

Grew up in: Oyster Bay, New York 

Got his start in music: playing piano and learning how to record and mix sounds on a multitrack at age 11. 

On the night he released "All of the People":

"I uploaded it to Bandcamp on the subway before going to dinner with my girlfriend and my parents. By the time I got back I had like ten missed calls from Seth (my manager). I was like, oh no! Is it bad? He was like, ‘No I have A&R people calling me!'"

On Panama Wedding's big following in Europe:

"It was a blog in the UK called Crack In The Road that discovered us first, and surprisingly the response has been huge. We're playing three dates in Europe." 

Admires: Peter Gabriel 

On pop: ”I like Top 40, there's so few electro pop acts that are truly good out there. I want to make something that's pop, but pop that's meaningful.”

Currently: On tour this spring with RAC and Ghost Beach, then with Dan Croll 

Expect an album: Summer 2014 



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