Artist to Watch: White Fence

Photo: Michelle Shiers

The electric guitar still lives, despite the overwhelming evidence of rising synth popularity that hints at the contrary. Tim Presley, who shreds under the name White Fence, evokes the glory of decades past with the twang of his psychedelic rock. Traces of his former hardcore punk days are muted (he once performed as "Timmy Stardust" in The Nerve Agents), but Presley has found a niche in the garage-rock genre dating back to 2004, when he formed the five-piece band Darker My Love. He formed his solo project White Fence in 2010.

Presley is ambitious with five albums under his belt: three studio releases, a live album recorded in San Francisco and a collaborative release with fellow lo-fi rocker Ty Segall. His latest effort, For The Recently Found Innocent, out last week on Drag City, was recorded in his bedroom studio, then mixed in a real studio. While garage rock sounds like just another ultra-specific genre, it applies, in very real sense, to how White Fence produces its music. At times clouded in distortion and decorated with reverb, White Fence can send you into a daze, tripping over Presley's fuzzy half-stated vocals. On the other hand, White Fence's gritty, daring and aggressive rock feels unequivocally 60 and yet aspires to challenge the definition of modern music.

For fans of: Ty Segall, The Doors, Tame Impala