Aussie Producer Kilter Shares 5 Electronic Artists To Watch Ahead of His U.S. Debut


It's hard to believe that an artist like Kilter has yet to perform on U.S. soil. With over 10 million streams on Spotify and a plethora of popular singles and remixes, the Sydney-based DJ/producer is long overdue to bring his tropical-infused house beats to a stage near you. 

Hence, when we heard that our friends at L'Affaire Musicale and Orlove Entertainment have summoned Kilter to Los Angeles, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to be involved. As part of a month-long tour through the North America, fans can catch their first glance of Kilter's electronic drums, synth-laden keyboards, and dynamic sample pads night after night. 

"When it came time for me to bring my music to the stage, having an instrument in my hand is what felt most natural," Kilter says of his live show. If you want a preview of what you might witness when he stops by your town, just watch this his live treatment over Pusher's latest single below. 

Seeing as Kilter is an expert in both electronic production and performance, we asked him to share 5 Ones To Watch in the dance department. His top picks, in addition to personal commentary on each, are below. Find details and tickets for Kilters April 29 L.A. debut here


1. Moonbase

“Fka Moonbase Commander is one of the first dudes that I met through music and started playing shows with. Moonbase has a really gritty, dark sound that really sets him apart from a lot of people doing bass music, especially in Australia. He also has god-like foresight for hooking up with Anderson .Paak years before he blew up, but holding on to the track until now.”

2. Shy Luv

“The side project of one of my favorite producers, Karma Kid. Shy Luv will blow up in a huge way this year, starting in the UK. Sonically, they sound like an indie dance band drowning in butter. Super tasty stuff.”

3. Bonzai

“Another young UK based artist, Bonzai has a super unique sound that blends electronic and R&B influences with clever production and writing. This track sounds like Timbaland shot into outer space. I love the rhythms and percussion choices as well as that crazy synth that opens up in the bridge.”

4. Louis The Child

“A bit of an obvious choice considering one of them co-wrote one of the biggest dance songs of last year. I have no doubt that anyone who hasn't heard of Louis The Child will over the next few months as they gear up for a new EP and continue playing huge shows in the States. The production on this one has such a good vibe to it.”


“A beat maker and multi instrumentalist from New York who has a super interesting work flow that allows him to really capture a feeling of organic performance in an otherwise quite digital genre. Also an original member of Team Supreme, one of the SoundCloud generation's first super groups, alongside heavy hitters like Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba."