bülow Solidifies a Commanding Voice in DAMAGED VOL. 2 EP


Finally, it is New Music Friday. Bülow has graced her listeners with new EP, DAMAGED VOL. 2, which includes three new tracks and her lead single "SAD AND BORED" with duckwrth.

Since the release of "Not a Love Song" in 2017, Bülow's fans from all around the world have anticipated something new. Born in Germany, and growing up in multiple countries, it is only fitting that she was featured in Spotify's "Global Viral" charts. "Not a Love Song" was featured on her first EP, DAMAGED VOL. 1, which gained more than 20 million streams.


Now the anticipation is quenched with the EP, DAMAGED VOL. 2. In "SAD AND BORED," bülow sings about how she is literally sad and bored and won't  pretend like she is not – with an added sting courtesy of Duckwrth. "Honor Roll" is her most vulnerable ballad of the EP. It's a song about how hard it is to do your best. In the background, she has a shining chorus of melodies ringing through the song. The billowing bass line brings the melody to life. One of the most relatable lines in the song is, "I don't know what's next for me, I don't know what's best for me," as she touches on the daunting light of the future. bülow is finishing high school in the Netherlands, while her music is reaching millions – in reality, the future is definitely shining bright.

"You & Jennifer" is the tune we all sing to our exes with our middle fingers in the air. bülow starts off singing about how her ex isn't her enemy, but then she finds out that she was not paranoid - she was right about the existence of a "Jennifer." The production on this dance track is absolutely impressive, letting the listener get down to full bass and trickling hi hats. This is the new breakup anthem, as bülow lets the lyrics roll through her soulful voice.


Truly, this is an EP you need to listen to! Thank you bülow for contributing to  New Music Fridays and making it something to worth waiting for.