BAD CHILD Delivers an Inescapable Vibe With the “PAYBACK” Video


BAD CHILD has released only two singles to date, and it is safe to say we are hooked. Following his debut single "BAD CHILD," the 21-year-old Canadian artist returns with a smoldering new single and video. And it is everything we could have asked for and more.

"PAYBACK," the seething new single from BAD CHILD, sees the Canadian artist delivering an utterly infectious vibe over some truly jaw-dropping production. It captures the dark atmosphere of Toronto's R&B scene, wobbling downtempo electronic production, and a tightly-knit pop structure and puts it all together to produce a sound that feels truly unique. Then there is BAD CHILD's piercing vocal delivery, which elevates "PAYBACK" to a whole other plane entirely. The raw emotional delivery of every line, which only grows in intensity as the song plays out, hits you like a bullet. It is impossible to ignore.

The genre-bending affair also arrives with a music video that is as much a feast for the senses as its sonic accompaniment. Through captivating editing, BAD CHILD transforms a single camera shot into something you cannot pull your eyes from. The powerful three-minute motion of passion seeps forth from every ounce of "PAYBACK" and BAD CHILD makes all the more sense when looking into why the Canadian artist chose music as his creative output in the first place. Following losing his mother at a young age and dealing with heartbreak, he decided to seek solace in the world of music. The very real range of emotional depth comes through in spades in BAD CHILD's work, and we cannot wait to see what he will grace us with next.

Watch the video for "PAYBACK" below: