Bahari Shows Their Darker Side With Electropop Banger, “Chasers”


Who doesn't love a good female power trio? Bahari is an LA-based pop trio fronted by Natalia Panzarella, Sidney Sartini and Ruby Carr – all of whom are wildly talented on their own but together make for an undeniably magnetic sound. 

The three have toured with both sad girl icon Birdy and Selena Gomez, a testament to the wide range of their sound. They are just as buzz-worthy online, with over 40 million streams on their song, "Wild Ones," not to mention being highlighted on both Zedd's wildly popular single "Addicted to a Memory" and Grey's "I Miss You." They were also featured on Apple Music's FEELS playlist and recently performed in support of March for our Lives to raise awareness for gun violence. Moral of the story: these girls have been absolutely killing it, and their latest release is no exception.

"Chasers" is a glossy pop song, reminiscent of Selena Gomez or even Taylor Swift's new sound. The vocals are carefully manicured with a polished tone, and the vocal chops that fill the chorus are high-pitched perfection. The sound may be sugary and innocent, but the lyrics tell another story. Bahari details drinking problems and self-destructive relationships, singing, "Chasing after love, hoping that we’re close / But every day, we find a way to fuck it up."


Though they started in 2014 with the bubblegum-pop appeal similar to that of Disney stars, the women of Bahari are excited for this next stage in their career where they can be more authentic and raw. Natalia elaborates on the newfound freedom, saying,

“When we wrote our first record, I think we were aiming to write positive uplifting songs to make everyone happy, and that is an honest side of us. But, life isn’t  always that happy all the time. We’ve gone through a lot since our first record - we went from strangers to signing with a major label and touring with Selena Gomez in a short amount of time, and then finding ourselves label-free, and also dealing with love, loss, heartbreaks, and the growing pains of, well, growing up, and it’s made our songwriting more authentic. It’s not all happy and shiny, but it’s real.”

Check out “Chasers" below: