BAUM Is Los Angeles’ Newest Indie-Pop Stunner


When artists appear unique enough to refrain from being placed in a genre-binding box, there's something truly special to pay attention to. That's what listeners get when they hear BAUM–the newest up and coming "indie pop" singer from Los Angeles. 

A self-described "nostalgic dark pop" musician, BAUM –originally from New York City– has been creating music since she was 8-years-old. BAUM's recently-released single, a pop-infused R&B track titled "First," is about what so many musicians sing about: heartbreak and the complications that often come with relationships. BAUM's vocals showcase maturity and control reminiscent of fellow superstars like Sia and Adele–combined with the R&B fusion of Alicia Keys that gives the song a tempo worthy of a major stadium singalong. The single, released late May, has been making its rounds on Spotify– appearing on one of my Discover Weekly playlists and has gathered over 260,000 plays. 

In an interview with Purple Melon, BAUM describes the meaning behind the track:

"It's based on the ups and downs of a first time, complicated relationship. It's the first experience I've had where I fell in love with someone, and also had my heart broken in a short span of time. It's about loving someone before they love you, taking those crucial steps in a relationship, and then questioning if the other person is putting in the same effort you are. This is such a vulnerable song for me to sing because it is still so raw and based on such a recent event. It's wholeheartedly my real life experience playing out."

BAUM's most recent single, "Hot Water," was unveiled on August 18. If sister trio HAIM was to travel back to the '80s, the result would likely sound a lot like "Hot Water." BAUM shared more,

’“Hot Water” is about a phase that I went through when I was entering college that I feel like many girls’ experience. I wanted to be perceived as a woman, but I didn’t necessarily understand that that came with expectations. I was quickly in over my head - so to speak. The chorus of the song says ‘you think of sex when I, spin in this dress…but I’ve never done much at all.’ For me, the song is very much about being stuck between innocence and experience and how it feels to be in that position.’

BAUM's EP is set for a fall 2017 debut, and we can't wait to hear what else is in store.