BAUM’S “This Body” Is the Feminist Anthem That You’ve Been Waiting For

Singer/ songwriter BAUM just debuted her latest: the much-anticipated “This Body" which appears to be BAUM in her purest form - empowered. 

BAUM claims "This Body" was inspired by her own "personal story of being cat-called and overcoming body image issues" during her youth. The three minute & 43-second piece is indicative of one woman's triumph over societal beauty norms, perpetuated by the ever-present media saturation of the 21st century. An outspoken advocate of feminism and body positivity, BAUM's coming-of-age song is an anthemic declaration of her identity as well as a rallying cry for other young girls to embrace womanhood on their own terms. 

With the lyric, "every woman grows up / with the posters on your wall / In the shadow of your worship/ of the shadow of a model," highlighted by an eccentric '80s synth pop feel, BAUM masters a fragile balance between substance and overall catchiness. This balance is no anomaly; it is one of the young songwriter's greatest strengths. Her other tracks, "Hot Water" and "Effortless," also manage to capture the depth which pop music often lacks. 

What also makes this fledgling pop star so particularly captivating is her honesty. Uninhibited and almost-startlingly open, BAUM has managed to create an intimate experience with each listener. She speaks as a friend and as an ally. In an age of oversharing, this is the kind of connection fans crave with their favorite artists and is part of the seemingly magical appeal of newcomer, BAUM. 

With every release, she masterfully tells us a little more of her story while managing to leave us begging her for more. The release of "This Body" is a celebration of femininity in all forms that is empowering in and of itself.

BAUM's long-awaited, introductory EP, Ungodly, will be coming soon!