“Be Good To Me” Is Jacob Banks’ Soulful Way of Getting Under Your Skin


Jacob Banks has crafted a soulful tribute to experiences that make us who we are. His new single, "Be Good To Me," depicts the fragile power struggle two lovers face in loving and longing. This is a chapter in the narrative that the Nigerian-Brit singer/songwriter has penned for his first full length album, Village, set to drop on Nov. 2. There is no telling what lengths Jacob Banks is willing to do to depict the flawed yet passionate human condition.

As the lead single, "Be Good To Me" introduces Village as an album crafted to pierce our guarded emotions and liberate the exploration of what is is to be human. The song is guided by the soulful voices of Jacob Banks and Seinabo Sey, as they try to perceive the vulnerabilities that come with affection. Banks and Seinabo have collaborated in the past on his hit song, "Remember." "Be Good To Me" and previously released tracks, "Chainsmoking" and "Unknown (To You)," can be downloaded instantly upon pre-ordering the album.  

Jacob Banks' powerful vocals and intricate lyricism stand out as he pleads to his lover to "save my soul and lead me home," while Seinabo affirms, "my time is yours, waste it carefully." This kind of depth is layered exquisitely over a soulful pop rhythm accentuates the narrative Jacob and Seinabo are telling. 

In Jacob's mind, Village's purpose is to:

"Celebrate the things that make us who we are, the good, the bad, and the questionable."

You can listen to Jacob Bank's newest single below and pre-order Jacob Banks'  Village here: