Be Recklessly Youthful with LPX’s New Single, “Might Not Make It Home”


There's something about New York City that completely epitomizes what it means to be young, wild, reckless and poor. The combination of struggling to get by and still having the time of your life is incredibly romantic, and we've all seen it in countless movies, musicals, songs, and books. 

No one has better captured this overwhelming emotion which accompanies being young in New York better than LPX. Formerly the frontman of MS MR, Lizzy Plapinger debuted under the moniker LPX in 2017 and has released an impressive amount of content in just one year, including her debut EPBolt In the Blue. Not only is she a stunning performer, Plapinger is a co-founder of the boutique label Neon Gold Records (Haim, Charli XCX, Matt Maeson, etc.) which is celebrating its 10th year this fall. Her latest single, "Might Not Make It Home" is a tribute to all of the youthful nights spent on the streets of New York City. She commented on the importance of the song, saying

"Everything is so heavy and intense right now I just wanted to briefly escape so I made and lived 'Might Not Make it Home.' It's a love letter to every wild, wonderful and legendary night out I've had in New York City, where I'm proud to live. I wanted to bottle up that feeling of freedom, debauchery and harmless recklessness and share it like a sonic shot of The Big Apple with all its pleasures, expected and otherwise."


LPX has a raspy voice that leaves a sweet aftertaste, creating a balance that is equally gritty and satisfying to the ear. Fuzzy guitar strums come between shots of her fist bumping with strangers, getting street food, and singing upside down on the lit-up steps of Times Square. The chorus is an explosion of vocals, and listening feels like standing out of the roof of a taxi, arms outstretched, while night air stings your cheeks. The video is shot with a VHS camera, which furthers the theme of a budget-minded approach to a night on the town, all the while adding a vintage quality to shots of the young singer in her signature monochrome scarlet outfit.

If you're dying to see LPX live, she is performing in the All Things Go Fall Classic Festival, in addition to curating the all-female lineup herself. 

This girl is on fire, and seems to be having a pretty good time on her way to the top.