Become a Ones To Watch Ambassador

Want to be a Ones To Watch ambassador?

Hang out backstage, interview the artists, got a neat idea too? Cool, we'd love to hear it.

We've got the hookups, you (or someone you know) have the talent. You probably go to all the same shows as we do. We want to hear your perspective, that is to say, your perspective from outside our little corner in L.A. Let's get together and make something.

We are looking for 10 concert pros around the country who are passionate about bands and showing support for their music. If you are:

  • A photographer who's always there for the front and center shot
  • A writer, who can easily slang a review of the killer show last night, who can interview artists about their music, fashion, synthesizers, slasher films, and their deepest darkest secrets…
  • An expert Instagrammer, Tweeter, hashtagger, Tumblr, Pinner, etc.
  • A filmmaker who will go the extra inch, centimeter, mile for that special shot

We want to see what you've got.

Send an email to with the subject field "Ones To Watch Ambassador"

In your email please submit:

  1. Your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and any other social media and/or photography profiles
  2. Your personal website (if you have one)
  3. Up to ten samples of journalism, photography, and photojournalism-related media, preferably music-related.

\\Samples can include:

  • Concert photos
  • Concert reviews
  • A photo diary
  • Original Tweets and/or photos your favorite artists have re-posted/re-Tweeted from you (screenshots okay)
  • Playlists you've on SoundCloud, Spotify, 8tracks, etc.
  • Fan videos
  • Your review of your favorite concert ever
  • Short films
  • Artist interviews (written or video)