Best Music Pranks in Recent History

We’re just waiting to add Solange attacking Jay Z to this list. 

Daft Punk at the Grammys

Did you know that wasn’t Daft Punk inside the robot suits bowing and accepting the praise for winning Album of the Year and Record of the Year at the 56th annual Grammys? Yep, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are actually the two guys flanking Pharrell behind with the gray and black beards

Arcade Fire at Coachella

Win Butler infamously slurred when he announced two unexpected artists during Arcade Fire’s set at Coachella. But to an innocent and adoring fan, “Phat Dunk” was all too quickly mistaken for a Daft Punk cameo.

Justin Bieber and TMZ

Justin Bieber got his sweet, sweet revenge on TMZ’s endless posse of paparazzi lurking his life’s every move for proof of his next public mistake. Last April Fool’s, Bieber famously tweeted out TMZ’s number as his own and promised fans he’d be taking all their calls. TMZ’s tip line was logged with thousands of Beliebers.

Nicki Minaj and Drake’s fake marriage

They always said they would get married. Then one day, both Nicki and Drake showed evidence that they finally did it… on Twitter. 

"Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. She's finally mine. :)," Drake tweeted, while Nicki’s @response was "Yes, its true. Drake and I tied the knot."

Drake Goes Undercover on Hollywood Blvd

What better way to get to know who your real fans are than by dressing up as a reporter and interviewing them? Drake strikes again on our list for the time he walked Hollywood Blvd on the Jimmy Kimmel Show searching for his true lovers and haters. Just look at how expertly he goaded his haters into saying things like “I hope his career suffers!” right before pulling off his camouflage to the horror of the punked! Fodder for the next album and his ego too?? Probably.