Bibi Bourelly & Earl St. Claire Channel Soulful Blues In “Perfect”

As the hackneyed saying goes, history tends to repeat itself–in fashion, in art, and in music. That’s why we're thoroughly enjoying the utmost pleasant time travel provided by Ones To Watch artist Bibi Bourelly and classic R&B singer Earl St. Claire. 

We were initially drawn to Bourelly because of the enlightened activism that's present in her music, described in succinct bullets in her bio: "For Eternal Evolvement, For Creative Freedom, Ask Questions, Form opinions and express them, and Dont allow yourself to be suppressed." Since then, we've stayed hooked with her sultry voice and unique R&B style. 

"Perfect" will make you feel like you're lounging in a classic jazz bar in the mid-1900s, sipping on a whiskey on the rocks and just enjoying the atmosphere. Hear the rest of young Bourelly's tunes here.