Bibi Bourelly Redefines The Word “Ballin” In Latest Release


Bibi Bourelly's latest track is a solid reconfirmation of all the reasons we initially fell for the Berlin-born songstress: she stands strong against the status quo in every possible way. 

If you ask nearly anyone how they'd define "ballin," you'd likely hear references to Cristal champagne showers, penthouse cocktail parties, and chromed out Lamborghinis. Instead, Miss Bourelly shares stories of getting fired from Old Navy, eating ramen and McDonalds, and partying in New York warehouses with "the hipster kids and the bad bitches with hair on their armpits." 

"Ballin" is quite telling of Bibi Bourelly's overall sound and message, one that young adults should subscribe to ask they navigate a world obsessed with glitz and glamour. It will be included on her upcoming Free the Real: Part #2 EP–in the meantime, keep up with Bourelly here