Billie Eilish Releases Heaviest Track to Date, “COPYCAT”


Electro-pop singer and prodigy Billie Eilish dropped another single last week. Titled "COPYCAT," the single was paired with Eilish's announcement that her debut EP, don't smile at me, will be released August 11.

"COPYCAT" is Eilish's heaviest track to date. The song begins with booming bass and evolves into a full on hip-hop beat not unlike a Tyler the Creator track. Of course, Eilish adds her unique pop voice and Lorde-esque harmonies to make this song her own. 

In the song's lyrics, Eilish sneers at people that emulate others to the point that they forget their own identity. In a press release Eilish said, "It's about when people do everything someone else does to the point that they are not even themselves anymore." 

Listen to the new single below.

The track is sure to be a major crowd pleaser on the young rising star's upcoming tour–see all dates: