Black Atlass Invites You To His Haunted Paradise

Los Angeles is a city filled with attraction and temptation. At least this is how singer/songwriter/producer Black Atlass sees it. We caught up with the singer and his fantastic falsetto a couple of months ago for an exclusive interview about many things including how LA has inspired his upcoming debut album. Now, he's back with an update on the album.

Black Atlass' debut album Haunted Paradise will be released on August 9th via Fool's Gold and its about damn time. Ever since we saw the video for "Tonight", we have been eager to hear the rest of his new work. The track-listing for the project shows 11 tracks without any features or production credits. We know he handles a bulk of his own production but we're interested in seeing if there are any surprise guests. 

The success of this project could help Black Atlass reach a new level and from the music we've heard so far, he's well on his way. See for yourself and Watch the brand new video for "Blonde" above.  You can also find the Haunted Paradise cover and track-listing below.


1. Permanent Smile

2. Nothing Else

3. Glow in the Dark

4. Holding On

5. Blonde

6. Island Love

7. Summer Time

8. Tonight

9. Return to Love

10. Haunted Paradise

11. Exit