Black Party’s “Mango” Is An Impressive Debut

After playing Frank Ocean's Blonde to exhaustion, I started looking for a project this year that could give me a similar vibe. Enter Black Party's Mango. Black Party is an LA-based and Little Rock, Arkansas bred singer and producer. He's been producing and releasing music for about two years with the likes of Father, Kari Faux, and more. Now its Party's turn to step into the spotlight.

Mango is a 9 track EP described by Party as "Tropical Funk." The Frank Ocean comparison comes in for me on the first song off the project called "summerlove." The writing and and production spoke to me. From there, Party continues to show his range in production, writing, lyrics and vocal ability. It results in a diverse but cohesive project. Standout tracks on the project include "Show Me", Best View", and my personal favorite, "Bloom." Stream the project below and watch his video for "Best View" here.