Blake Rose Delivers a Much-Needed Release in Debut Video, “Hotel Room”[PREMIERE]


Photo by Cameron Postforoosh

If walls could talk, then Australian singer/songwriter Blake Rose's hotel would have a lot to say. At 20 years old, Rose makes his powerful debut with "Hotel Room," an anthem for anyone who feels cheated by the other person in a relationship. Written with Joel Adams and Justin Gammella, "Hotel Room" bouts of vibrant guitar and driven infectious beats. All three men hoped for a catchy but personal song that delivered a cathartic liberation, and what they got was an energetic and forceful debut single.

Rose explains more about the process and what he hopes to achieve with "Hotel Room,"

"I wrote this song with my roommate, Joel Adams. We were riffing melodies over some guitar chords when I came up with the hotel room line and instantly the whole song was there. When you've been screwed over by someone you love it hits deep and the anger you feel can be unfathomable so I wanted this song to be a release for that. It's a song people can scream out and get angry to, but at the same time is a catchy jam that everyone else can vibe with."

The video showcases Rose fittingly in a hotel room reminiscing about a love that's no longer in his life. The mixture of present feelings with flashes of nostalgia create an atmosphere bent on purging all unwanted energy. Rose has created a hymn for those struggling with the past. In doing so he has presented a better future, one with a deliverance from toxic relationships and stored up animosity. Rose coveys this through hard hitting lyrics such as " forgetting myself as I get caught up in your selfishness," "give me a sign that I'm not just a man that you hide," and "you say that you're in love but I'm calling your bluff tonight."  Rose brings forward a set of lyricism that packs a punch. All the words you'd ever want to say to someone who has wronged you. "Hotel Room" provides that escape to confront everything you were thinking but probably never had the courage to say face to face.

Since the age of five, Blake Rose has been learning music. First it was the didgeridoo, a wind instrument developed by indigenous Australians, then at 10 he started playing the guitar. Soon after that Rose found himself curious with singing and even taught himself the fundamentals of production. Rose took all his newfound knowledge and worked hard busking in order to make money and get his name out in the world. He finally saved up enough to move to Los Angeles and pursue his music making dreams. "Hotel Room" is not just a debut single, but a promise from the aspiring Rose to be a force of nature.

Watch "Hotel Room" below: