Bleachers Aired a Half-Hour Telethon Last Night

Without any promotion, Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers aired a pseudo-telethon named Thank You Very Much on cable access last night as part of its new album campaign. Antonoff was the host and has a list of guest stars including Steve Little, Alia Shawkat, George Wendt, and Mark Borchardt. The whole segment lasts twenty-eight minutes and starts in an offhand messy setting where a man in a mouse custom dances. The beginning throws us to what appears to be the middle of the program. We quickly learn that the show is supposed to raise money for an unknown cause that the guests need to find out by asking questions. Aside from humor and mystery, Antonoff also plays songs from his new album Strange Desire (released today) and covers Yaz's "Only You." Now you know what would have happened if Antonoff pursued talk show over music.