BOBI ANDONOV Strips Down Infidelity in Acoustic “Faithful” Video


BOBI ANDONOV is best stripped down. Accompanied solely by a guitar, his "Stripped" series of acoustic live performances begins with a staggering rendition of his latest single, "Faithful." 

The Australian alt-pop artist is making a name for himself with his husky vocals and percolating sexuality, with each new release leaving audiences increasingly hot and bothered. His debut single, "Apartment" is currently sitting at over a million streams on Spotify, followed closely by his second release, "Smoke." ANDONOV's upcoming chain of stripped down videos is a testament to his tenacious musical ability, and "Faithful" makes a powerful first of the series.

Directed by Andy Madeleine, the visuals for the stripped version of "Faithful" begin with a pan across the muraled ceiling of a snug living space. At first glance, the room appears to be in a villa in Italy or France, but seeing as the filming was done in Los Angeles, ANDONOV's romantic and timeless delivery is definitely responsible for the association.

Watching feels like you're witnessing something secret; catching ANDONOV in a moment so intimate he couldn't have intended it for anyone but himself. He slowly makes his way out of the room out onto a terrace, buzzing with sexuality as he does so, and stands framed by an archway as he gets completely consumed by the passion of the song. Is it possible to make an audience feel like monogamy isn't feasible with just one acoustic song? After watching this video we're leaning toward yes.


Sliding between belts and electric falsetto notes, he agonizes over infidelity saying,

"I’ll never let you go, finish what you started. I hope she’ll never know faithful is impossible."

Dying to see BOBI ANDONOV live? Come check him out at our very own Baño Flaco at Madame Siam on August 23. You won't want to miss this one.