BOY DUDE Reels Us With the Psychedelic, Nostalgic Allure of  ‘Cassette For You’


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when and where we all stopped obsessing over the inherently new, and became overly excited about nostalgia, again. Latching on the feelings of the old, whether tied to personal experiences or that of our parents, we’ve somehow decided that we can’t get enough. Hence the cycle continues! Music has transformed in many ways, where we now find ourselves in a genre-breaking landscape, allowing for artists to create and use an amalgam of sounds, past & present, within their new in-house musical canvases. With millions of catalogs readily available on any device on your person, some of modern music’s best moments may in fact become truly timeless.

Jordan Chini (aka BOY DUDE) is the budding musician/producer out of Los Angeles who has found a way to tap back into this state of recollection through psychedelic soul via '80s synth-fueled funk and groovy basslines, reminiscent of great pop sensations of the time. His debut project, Cassette For You (released via Camp Hobo Records), is an eight-track effort that engages with the listener out the gate with upbeat bravado and familiar presence.

With a love for oldies and great soul music, BOY DUDE sought to recreate the feeling he felt when discovering music through his parents' record collection. Warmth, depth, space for movement within one’s body, and joy. It’s a feat largely tasked alone, as the entire project is performed and produced by BOY DUDE himself. As an effortless but thoughtful homage, Cassette For You tackles everything that makes people rant about how good music "used" to be when we were younger, or when our elders were growing up.

Tracks like “Cosmic Lines,” “Rainbow Waterfall,” and “Liquid Love” take sanctuary in sensuality as the slow-burning presence of A Cassette For You. Meanwhile, "Cyber Boogie" and "Money Weighs a Ton" lend themselves to soundscapes heard during the emergence of dance music in the '80s, referred to as "synth" or "dance-pop".

A Cassette For You is both present and fulfilling on many levels, coexisting on a two-way street where you can pick between nightclub-ready grooves and sensually intricate soundscapes driven by various synths and sax licks. It's a lo-fi treasure in a sea of many! Listen below.