Boy Pablo’s “Sick Feeling” Makes Heartbreak Sound Like a Dream


Boy Pablo’s brand of music deserves its own name. The young band from Norway makes a blend of dream and bedroom pop, shoegaze, chill indie pop and slacker rock. Regardless of whatever umbrella term people may prescribe them to, their sound and the overall vibe is extremely appealing and unique. Boy Pablo's newest single, "Sick Feeling" is a romantic and dreamy track, paired with heartbreaking and relatable lyrics outlining a breakup. Lead singer Pablo Muñoz sings, "What a sick, sick feeling to let you go my dear. Cause I was not prepared to let you go."

Muñoz was raised in Norway by Chilean parents. He wrote and produced his entire breakout Roy Pablo EP in his childhood home's basement in one week's time. To say the project was greeted with enthusiasm would be an understatement, as Boy Pablo is heading out to do a North American Tour this summer and has racked up almost nine-million plays to date on their breakout single "Everytime." 

Boy Pablo does a killer job of embracing that chill yet awkward vibe. It's an endearingly honest and charming quality of a band unconcerned with trying too hard to project an image. Their Spotify bio is "yeah," which is laughably fitting as their music needs no introduction, speaking for itself with its distinctly unique synth, guitar, and vocals. The four-piece group met at a music-centric boarding school in Norway, tucked away in the countryside and isolated from the city. It seems it was fate that they ended up in the same place, blending genres and gracing bedrooms all over the world with teenage angst-filled bops.

Check out "Sick Feeling" below and see if Boy Pablo making a stop in a city near you: