Brasstracks Teams Up With Masego To Produce The Best Of “Melanin” Jazz

Both Brasstracks and Masego have been on roll lately, so we were ecstatic that they decided to collaborate, and better yet, the product is pure greatness.  

"Melanin Man" combines Brasstracks' soulful horns expertise with Masego's smooth crooning and jazz accents to create a song that celebrates dark-skinned men everywhere. "I love the way I feel when I see my brethren with me / They shine / Can you see them shine?" are just a few of the lyrics that shed light on the beauty of culture of melanin men. Masego shared with The Fader,

“As time went on, tragedy after tragedy occurred, police, blacks, whites, youth, were all part of the war. I didn’t want to become desensitized to it so I went back to the principles of a hero of mine, Kendrick Lamar and what he said about love. I want to promote self-love in efforts to heal the hate. Melanin is the shine in us all and that’s why it’s not just for my people but all people. This song is much greater than us so I’m thankful for what God will do with it."

Listen below.