“Brown Paper Bag” Is Proof That Yoshi Flower Doesn’t Give a Damn About Genres


Multi-genre writer and producer Yoshi Flower takes the best parts of rock, hip-hop, and electronic music to create a charming new type of grungy, computerized indie music. Emerging as the mysterious talented roommate of fellow producer Elohim, Yoshi debuted with his downcast, airy single "Movies" back in March. He quickly followed up with a collaboration with Elohim, a soft, breathy track littered with piano entitled "Panic Attacks," and joined his friend and roommate on tour shortly after. Today, Yoshi Flower is back with a new single and the announcement that he's officially signed with the esteemed Interscope Records. 

“Brown Paper Bag" reveals a more edgy sound that's heavy on dark guitar solos and angsty vocals. It feels like rock and hip-hop melted together to produce a heavenly crossover of trap beats and rockstar rebellion. It's like Yoshi's softer, melodic side and his fiery, chaotic side are fighting for reign over the track, and the result is a glorious fusion of the two. Yoshi's music possesses a certain kind of underlying enticing energy that draws you in and sends you floating down a river of lingering heartache and nostalgia. Yoshi explained what the song means to him:

"This one is for freedom, sonically and all else. The beginning of the new alternative. We think the things that matter to us are the superficial things…our phones, our cars, our clothes. Things that we believe give us serenity, they are fleeting and damaging to our psyche and environment. But when you think about what really gets you through this life it is the little things. For me, it is a brown paper bag. It held my lunch when I was bullied, it holds my 40oz and more when I want to get high, it helps me breathe and calms me down when life gets too lifey.”

Yoshi recently played Lollapalooza this past weekend, and is set to join Whethan, one of EDM's fastest rising star's, on his upcoming tour. If the second half of 2018 is anything like the first half, it looks like Yoshi Flower won't be slowing down anytime soon. While we anticipate what genre barriers he breaks down next, you can listen to Yoshi's latest single "Brown Paper Bag" here: