Cambriana’s “Lucifer” Is Blissful South American-Tinged Folk


With Cambriana's "Lucifer," we truly make a deal with the devil. Following up after 2012's highly acclaimed LP, House of Tolerance, this Brazilian folk band returns after a long trip down the Amazon river, where they partially recorded their new album, Manaus Vidaloka, encompassed by nature. Cambriana creates a splash with "Lucifer," the newest single off their album and an upbeat jam that truly makes our hearts pulse. "Lucifer" is high-pitched and zingy, with the extra added bonus of heart-melting flute solos. "I just want to go down," Cambriana sings. These blissful beats go down and deep with a different meaning, playing on the ideas of Lucifer, hell, and sexuality.

"Lucifer" begins with ephemeral, eerie tones, complete with catchy maracas that set the beat. This intro creates an out of body experience, but takes you right back into the song moments later with a warm embrace of soothing vocals and expert, steady guitar strumming. You could say that it's akin to encountering Lucifer, himself. According to producer and lead singer Luis Calil, “Lucifer” is “meant to be sensual, yet profane and funny. It uses the fall of the angel Lucifer as a metaphor on ‘going down,’ and mocks how certain religious traditions demonize non procreation sex as sin.”

Cambriana sings, "I will never pray, if our God's a virgin." They take a comical view on religion and sexual promiscuity. "He could use some lovin," they sing. Hey, even God needs to be taken care of. This yearning to "go down" calls listeners to act, to rebel against traditional religious viewpoints, and to be with the devil in a recreational, sexual awakening. 

In addition to "Lucifer," Cambriana achieved vast success with their 2012 EP House of Tolerance and their 2013 EP, Worker. Started in 2010 by one college philosophy dropout named Luis Calil, Cambriana created an EP in two years and rose to success in three. Talk about a victory, these Brazilian transplants reached over one million streams on Spotify, and began to book festival after festival, and were featured on major Brazilian TV shows. Rolling Stone Brazil called the Goiânia-based group "…so impressive it's almost frightening. [They're] on the same level of bands like Islands and Grizzly Bear."

Now, the Brazilian wonder kids truly give us a personal and visceral experience with their album, Manaus Vidaloka, set for an Aug. 24 release. The second single "Lucifer" not only blesses our ears, but delves deep into the ground like Satan, deep into societal constructs, and deep into our hearts.

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