“Cariño” Reminds Us Why We First Fell in Love With The Marías


Photo: Joe Perri

The Marías' emergence onto the Los Angeles scene in 2017 felt as smooth and natural as their trademark blend of psychedelic, soul, and dream pop influences. Releasing their debut EP Superclean Vol. I in the fall of 2017, the band established themselves as critical darlings and Los Angeles favorites that personified the city's Spanish flair. And while the last year certainly has been busy for the Los Angeles quintet - the band embarked on their first tour and played festivals across the world, including Coachella - the band has been relatively quiet on the music front. Today all that changes. "Cariño" marks the next step forward for The Marías.

A term of endearment, loosely translating to affection or sweetie, the song itself is as lovely as its namesake. A bilingual delight, "Cariño" reminds us why we fell in love with The Marías in the first place. Rooted in a sense of the familiar yet as if existing in a dream, the way in which The Marías bring their music to life is a magical feat deserving of applause and adulation. From the lounge jazz vocal stylings of the band's eponymous lead singer to the progressive psychedelic-inspired instrumentation, every singular element of "Cariño" could be attributed to a historic musical tradition.

Yet, when taken as a whole, The Marías sound is something quite never heard before. Belonging to no particular place, genre, or time, "Cariño" belongs to The Marías and The Marías alone. "Cariño" also serves as the lead single for the band's long-awaited sophomore EP, Superclean Vol. II, which is set to be released September 28. Until then, feel free to lose yourself in the idyllic dreamscape of "Cariño."

Listen to "Cariño" below:

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