Cehryl Crafts a Chill Ode to Relocation in DIY ‘Wherever It May Be’ EP


Moving recently to LA, R&B artist cehryl is a Hong Kong native who writes, sings, and produces downtempo, hybrid acoustic-atmospheric music all herself. Marked by distorted soundscapes, laidback beats, electric guitar accents and her sweetly simple vocals, cehryl's new Wherever It May Be EP was completed start to finish mid-summer in her bedroom back in Boston.

The DIY artist shares, "This EP was written as a small bittersweet parting gift to the East Coast and to post-adolescence; it was written to embrace upcoming change as well as the fear that accompanies it." A short four-track project, Wherever It May Be explores a nostalgic theme of reflection of the cities and relationships left behind over the course of the artist's global experiences.

In "Side Effects," first released as a single before the EP, cehryl describes her lover as a metaphorical "helicopter far away." She continues weaving her unique lyrical charm, singing, "Under our shelter, I will dedicate / my every breath to why this place is worth saving. / You are my sedative, / you have to stay, / 'cause you are the pilot in my hurricane." The young artist filmed a lo-fi, homemade music video for the single. Singing directly to a camera in her bedroom as retro special effects play across the screen, her simple approach results in an alluring, personal moment fans will surely love.

Lyrically full of intriguing imagery and enhanced by her airy production style, cehryl's songs inspect lost relationships through a refreshingly non-traditional, yet still poetic, lense. "Where We Marked Forever" continues to draw to mind images of a couple unable to see eye-to-eye on their future, floating high through the sky, and gazing down at the possible ruins of their relationship. She sighs, "We crash to burn / but still we never learn / not to stay in this balloon / if we don't want the past to remember."

Musings on memories of "home" and on location's role in shaping identity are explored on "Napalm." The nomadic artist acknowledges, "I'm not from here / I'm not from here / But I'll play this game if it's with you / and you stay in my atmosphere." After hearing this new EP, fans will certainly embrace cehryl and want to stay enveloped in her musical atmosphere, wherever it may be.

Kick back and chill to cehryl's new Wherever It May Be EP below: