Celebrate Britney Spears’ Birthday With a Playlist of Today’s Pop Princesses


December 2, 1981 marks one of the most important dates in pop–no, music history. We are of course talking about the day the world would gain a star-to-be with the birth of the original Princess of Pop, Britney Spears. From being the best-selling teenage artist of all-time, reigniting the teen pop craze, launching her own billion-dollar perfume brand, to her forays in fashion (yes, even the denim phase), Spears is an icon in every sense of the word.

We could spend all day going over Spears’ still-growing accolades and accomplishments, the woman released “…Baby One More Time” when she was 16 for heaven’s sake, but we won’t rope you into a day-long presentation on why Spears may have been the greatest artist to grace MTV. Instead, we here at Ones To Watch are celebrating the original Princess of Pop’s birthday by giving you the gift of a playlist filled with the pop princesses of today.


Charlotte Lawrence – “Just The Same”

Kailee Morgue – “F**K U”

LÉON – “Falling

Maty Noyes – “Say It To My Face”

Ava Max – “Not Your Barbie Girl”

Nina Nesbitt – “Loyal to Me”

Transviolet – “undo”

Clara Mae – “I’m Not Her

Carlie Hanson – “Us”

Sasha Sloan – “The Only” 

King Princess – “Pussy Is God

Jaira Burns – “Burn Slow”

Allie X – “Paper Love”

Kim Petras – “I Don’t Want It At All” 

NIKI – “Vintage”

Terror JR – “Come First” 

Ivy Adara – “Currency” 

bülow – “Two Punks in Love”

Robinson – “medicine”

Bea Miller – “like that”

Dagny, Seeb – “Drink About 

ALMA – “Cowboy

Anna Clendening – “Invisible

Rina Sawayama – “Cherry”

clairo – “4EVER”

Elley Duhé – “SAVIOR

Julia Michaels – “Issues” 

Molly Kate Kestner – “Compromise” 

Sigrid – “Sucker Punch” 

The Aces – “Waiting for You” 

Tove Stryke – “Sway”

Lennon Stella – “Bad”

LIZ – “Pandemonium”

ORKID – “NoNoh

Billie Eilish – “you should see me in a crown”