Celebrate Halloween With 8 of the Most Haunting Music Videos of October


It's officially that time of the year–the celebration of the ancient Celtic harvest festival with pagan roots, or as most of us who aren't century-old lingering spirits call it, Halloween. And with Halloween comes trick or treaters, figuring out a last-minute costume, and bingeing the last episodes of The Haunting of Hill House. However, for those of you who have yet to get your full Halloween fix, we have a special treat for you. We rounded up eight of the most haunting videos that were released in this ghoulish month, all for your viewing pleasure. 

Yellow Days - "How Can I Love You?"  

The British crooner has been making a name for himself with jazz-oriented indie rock numbers that draw comparisons to the likes of King Krule. Yet, with the release of "How Can I Love You?," the rising indie darling outgrew any such simple comparisons. A mesmerizing tribute to blues and jazz standards, all tied together by Yellow Days' distinctive voice, "How Can I Love You?" received an equally hypnotic video. The video is a literal trap, following Yellow Days further and further down and across an array of various backdrops, some pleasant some less so. There is a certain Twin Peaks quality to the entire affair, one that will leave a lingering effect on you long after the video wraps.

Kweku Collins - "Sisko and Kasidy"

Rapper, producer, and songwriter Kweku Collins has long remained one of the more experimental and novel voices in the world of hip-hop. It is with this same sense of adventurousness that Illinois-based rapper tackles his music video for "Sisko and Kasidy." Directed by Jon LeVert, the video explores themes of nostalgia and fear through the tale of an interplanetary rescue mission. The alien threat, which picks off our beloved crew members one by one evokes comparisons to the art-house sci-fi film Annihilation. Simply put, "Sisko and Kasidy" is just over four minutes of rap-scored sci-fi, and you can catch it live as Collins embarks on his Ones To Watch-presented tour this November.  

YUNGBLUD - "Kill Somebody"

Politically and socially outspoken alternative artist YUNGBLUD has tackled issues of grave importance in a number of his songs, and his latest is no different. "Kill Somebody" is a striking depiction of mental health and specifically the anxiety and depression the young artist suffers, sharing, "This song is about the darkest place I discovered in my mind. At first, it really scared me, but I learned to talk about it." YUNGBLUD visually represents this through a chilling video that sees the artist coated in battling against himself.  "Kill Somebody" is in many ways the best kind of video - equal parts visually shocking and important message to society.

SG Lewis - "A.A.T"

Electronic producer, songwriter, and DJ SG Lewis has steadily been building up an overarching narrative that follows a single night out. "A.A.T," which arrives in the middle of the ongoing trilogy, sees a noted departure from the artist's typical sound, as he ventures off into far darker territory. Assisted by Drew Love, who comprises half of rap duo THEY., "A.A.T" is a trap and R&B infused-club banger. By contrast, its accompanying video finds the more somber and reflective moments hidden in a night out through extreme close-ups and rapidly changing shifts in environment and camera focus. This is the video you need to queue up this Halloween night, and just see where it takes you.


Emerging from South Central, Los Angeles, visual and recording artist DUCKWRTH entered the scene with a defiant brand of hip-hop that was impossible to ignore. He takes this fully-realized form of creative expression to grand heights in "FALL BACK," which serves as the lead single from his forthcoming album Falling Man. Merging punk and rap influences alongside a jaw-dropping break, we championed "FALL BACK" as chaotic and mesmerizing, and that was even before we saw the music video. Directed by Young Man, the hard-hitting video sees an ensnared DUCKWRTH battling against zombified creatures before falling into the darkness. What fate awaits our hero? You'll have to watch and see.

Joji - "Test Drive"

When it comes to the realm of the surreal and bizarre, no one does it quite like singer, producer, and multi-talented visionary Joji. Preceding his masterpiece of a debut, BALLADS 1, Joji released a series of music videos, but it was his latest that most-deserved to make this list. Produced by RL Grime, who is arguably the electronic king of Halloween for his yearly mixtape series, "Test Drive" takes Joji to new heights, literally. Directed by James Defina, the video sees Joji moving between numerous characters, each who raise more questions than the last. The absurd quality creates something that is difficult to fully grasp or pull yourself away from.

KWAYE - "Paralyzed"

KWAYE is an R&B artist as inspired by his Zimbabwean heritage as he is by neo-soul and funk icons D'Angelo and Thundercat. It is this varied range of influence that led him to impressive debut EP, Love & Affliction, and its standout single "Paralyzed." The song and its complementing video give evidence to haunting's other definition, existing as something poignant and evocative. Shot completely in black and white, every frame of the video could be singled out as its own exquisite piece of art. Match that with KWAYE's stirring falsetto and sweeping instrumentation, and you have a video that is the nothing short of beautifully haunting.

Billie Eilish - "when the party's over"

With "when the party's over," our favorite Ones To Watch alumni and pop phenomenon Billi Eilish released one of the most tragic and vulnerable songs of her career earlier this month. And in perfectly Eilish fashion, she followed-up that spectacular release with a video as heartbreaking as it is shocking. The minimalistic video for "when the party's over" proves that at times the most striking things in life are the simplest.