Celebrate Masego’s 25th Birthday in Style with His Emotional Ode to Women, “Lady Lady”


Photo: Jack McKain

Traphousejazz pioneer Masego is celebrating his 25th birthday today in proper style with the release of "Lady Lady," an explosive fusion of jazz, funk, soul, and R&B. There certainly are a lot of ways to celebrate a birthday, but none do the trick quite like releasing an absolute timeless banger of a track.

"Lady Lady" is an excellent introduction or reintroduction to the colorful world that is Masego's music. The self-taught saxophonist, pianist, singer, and producer brings an always impressive sense of soul and character to every track he lays his hands on. For all the evidence you need that Masego is a soulful music-making machine, take one look at his viral live collaboration with FKJ, "Tadow." "Lady Lady" is no different. Every section of the track is bursting at the seams with the Virginian-Jamaican's characteristic flair for jazz-infused modern R&B and soul.


The way that Masego so effortlessly blends genres to create his own unique style is truly something to behold. Placing his trademark jazz-style instrumentation alongside his emotive R&B crooning, Masego soars so effortlessly and brilliantly through "Lady Lady" that it comes as a sudden shock when it's over. Beyond serving as an exceptional feat in the instrumental department - as any Masego track is bound to be - "Lady Lady" is also an emotional ode to all the wonderful women in Masego's life. 

Then there's the icing on the proverbial birthday cake, "Lady Lady" is only the first taste of Masego's forthcoming debut album. We're not sure what Masego will be wishing for today, but it's safe to say that our wish is for that debut album to drop ASAP.  

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