Charlotte Cardin Reinvents Jazz With Pop Sensibilities in ‘Main Girl’ EP


Concurrently existing in the smoky, underground jazz clubs of times long past and in the realm of modern downtempo, classical pop is Charlotte Cardin. The French-Canadian model-turned-singer has returned with a compilation of past released singles and a bounty of previously unheard materials on the sultry and spellbinding Main Girl EP. Exploring themes of desire, longing, dysfunction, and intimacy, Cardin is just as emotively adventurous as she is sonically.

Cardin takes no time sidestepping the clear intensity and high-level of talent permeating the entirety of the Main Girl EP, delving headfirst into the thick of it all in "Main Girl" - a powerful and unforgettable ballad of an introduction. Beginning in seemingly simple enough terms, "Main Girl" starts as a classic pop ballad dialoguing a dysfunctional love before transforming everything at the drop of a hat. Layering her own voice and growing in intensity, Cardin fills the space with her voice. Couple this with production that slowly builds for a glowing climax, Cardin creates a soundscape right from the start that is irresistible. 

Continuing the trend of delivering slow-burning, stunning works of sonic art is "Dirty Dirty," an electro-infused jazz-dominant number that emanates a sense of dark sultriness.  "Paradise Motion" is a reverberating stadium-ready that swells and surges, never seeming to cease. "Big Boy" is a seductive number that makes the most of Cardin's clear jazz influences. "The Kids" is an emotive acoustically strummed finale that still maintains the same sense of level of previously seen intensity, from its velvety beginnings to its compelling culmination. 

There really is no one clear standout track on Cardin's Main Girl EP, as each track from the first to the last is an exemplary demonstration of Cardin's ability to create stunning numbers that infuse the worlds of jazz and pop with shimmering downtempo-style production. One could easily go on for ages about Cardin and what she has created on her Main Girl EP.  

Listen to the Main Girl EP below and keep up with Charlotte Cardin on Ones To Watch: