Charlotte Cardin’s “Double Shifts” Is a Smoky, Minimalistic Take on Unrequited Love


Charlotte Cardin's smoky vocals carry with it the mystical quality of a modern jazz lounge singer. It is this sense of imbued magical quality in her work that has led the acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter to have quite the fruitful past year, touring alongside Nick Murphy, BØRNS, and performing at a host of North American festivals. The only complaint that could potentially be lauded against Cardin is the lack of new music to lose ourselves in. Well, today, Cardin leaves us with absolutely nothing to gripe about, as she releases a brand new song and music video.

In "Double Shifts," Cardin pens a stirring ode to physical and emotional separation. Metaphorizing the notion of putting your all into someone in the hopes of receiving their love, all to no avail, Cardin renews the tale of a lover ignored. The sentiment is only further heightened by a delicate piano melody, which, alongside a growing cascade of instrumentation, builds to demonstrate Cardin's impressive vocal ability.

Like many of Cardin's past works, "Double Shifts" showcase what is arguably the artist's most impressive talent - her stirring voice. The loneliness and desire to be beside that special someone certainly come through in the video, but it is a remarkable talent to convey all that and more with sung verse alone. It takes a uniquely mature talent to showcase such a range of vulnerability and restraint all in the same song, and Cardin is one of those unique talents. 

Through the emotional rollercoaster that is "Double Shifts" what speaks the truest is found in its opening line, where Cardin sings, "I said I'll make it / I'm in the making." As Cardin's latest and all her past work prove, we are in the midst of watching a jazz-minded pop star blossom.  

Watch the video for "Double Shifts" below:

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