Charlotte Lawrence’s Debut EP ‘Young’ Will Make You Cry in Your Car


Fresh-faced songstress Charlotte Lawrence dropped her debut EP, Young, and jaws are dropping left and right. The six-track EP is stacked with hits exploring the trials and tribulations of youth, from heartbreak, parties, recognizing personal faults, to learning to forgive. Following her moody single "Keep Me Up," Young is a masterpiece of teen angst.

The EP begins with "Sleep Talking," a banger that deviates from the classic love song. Lawrence's storytelling is refreshingly vibrant, telling the chilling tale of a partner revealing infidelity in their sleep. The arpeggiated melody is incredibly catchy, which is reflected in the nearly 19 million streams it has since its release as a single last year. Next comes "Wait Up," a dark pop track detailing a loner at a party seeking connection. Reminiscent of Lorde and Alessia Cara, the track is definitely pop but with a hot-blooded twist.


Lawrence then slows things down with a simple ballad–the kind that will rip your heart out and leave it in the gutter. "Everybody Loves You" begins with a shaky breath, an honest expression of how difficult it is to form the words she needs to say. As the song unfolds, it becomes clear that Lawrence is describing sexual assault, singing, "It's my body and I'm trying to forgive you. I don't want to. It's my body and it hates you, why does everybody love you?"

This song is chillingly honest, with lyrics that allow the listener to share a difficult personal moment with the singer, and will indubitably help many cope with their own experiences that are a struggle to fully process alone. I had to take a lap after that one.


Lawrence transitions back into the upbeat moody pop vibe with the next track, "Young and Reckless." It begins with vocal chops drenched in vocal effect, and the lyrics "we're just young and reckless, if we wreck this it's fine" repeat throughout the song. The final two tracks "I Bet" and "Just The Same" are both killer, emphasizing that Charlotte Lawrence is the master of both dark pop anthems and the perfectly placed f-bomb.

All this talent doesn't go unnoticed, and Young is getting Lawrence a lot of attention, including features with publications like PAPER and Vogue. She is currently finishing up her own headline tour in the US and is preparing to embark on a European tour with Lauv this fall. 

Listen to Young below so you can say you heard it first when Charlotte Lawrence inevitably makes it big: