Charlotte Lawrence’s “Stole Your Car” Is a Taste of Teenage Love & Rebellion


Los Angeles’ Charlotte Lawrence may have famous friends and model with the best of them, but her most compelling work is undeniably her music. Following the breakout success of her single “Sleep Talking,” the 18-year-old artist captivated the world over with a series of songs that speak directly to her real-life experiences, including the recently released debut EP Young. Lawrence’s lead single from her upcoming project, Reckless, sees her taking emotive songwriting to the realm of dance floor-ready bangers.

Much like the subject matter at hand, “Stole Your Car” is Lawrence at her most unrestrained. Blurring the lines between pop anthem and a dance-inducing track, “Stole your Car” has a hard-hitting backbeat that is equally as ready for the club as it is for the radio. Match that with Lawrence’s airy vocals, which sway from passionate lover to scorned rebellion with a sense of unmatched charm, and you have something truly special on your hands.

Going along with the heart rate increasing tempo of the production, Lawrence hones in and elevates the elements of what makes her songwriting so universal. Already profound at turning matters of the heart into pieces of pop perfection, “Stole Your Car” sees the Los Angeles artist transforming commonplace themes of love and betrayal into an unrivaled tale teenage rebellion. Whether you are still in the throes of teenage love or are merely nostalgic for its sweet embrace, no artist will quite satiate your fix like Lawrence.

Listen to “Stole Your Car” below and catch Lawrence on tour this fall: