Chloe Lilac Calls Out Hookup Culture in 3-Track Bundle, ‘Heartbreak City Sessions’ [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


In an age that is abounding with the "swipe left/right" mentality which is critical to our presently glorified hookup culture, the personal qualities of dating are often forgotten - leaving behind a wake of heartbroken causalities.  

Here to comment on this all too common pain in a deeply personal way is R&B/pop singer-songwriter, Chloe Lilac, in her 3-track bundle Heartbreak City Sessions, released Dec. 5. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Lilac grew up amongst the creative music scene of her city beginning at the budding age of 13. Her upbringing in the concrete jungle influenced her significantly, providing an arsenal of personal experiences at a young age which have become her favorite muses. Her songwriting is all inspired by real experiences, giving her bedroom pop music a rich, nostalgic and intimate feel.

Heartbreak City Sessions is no expectation to this stylistic trend that has garnered her an impressive amount of success is such a short time. With breakout single "Summer" racking up over 1 million streams on Spotify to finding herself opening for the likes of Sasha SloanCharlotte Lawrence , and Rejjie Snow, Lilac is steadily making a name for herself in the left-of-center pop scene. 

In leading single of the bundle, "Heartbreak City" she comments on the destructive nature of hookup culture with straight forward lyrics over lo fi beats and spacey production, perfected by her smooth vocals. The two b-side tracks "Cigarettes" and "Cold Water" support the single by offering a continuation of this heartbreak theme with the same relaxed mix of acoustic and electronic sounds. A collection of melancholic bangers, we highly recommend taking a moment to get in your feelings with Chloe Lilac this winter season. 

Listen to the three-sum of sad girl bops below!