clairo’s Contribution to the ‘Skate Kitchen’ Soundtrack Is a Little Piece of “Heaven”


Claire Cottrill, more popularly known by the moniker clairo, has grown from producing in her bedroom to a veritable internet and worldwide sensation. Her latest outing sees the bedroom pop artist providing her ethereal pop expertise to the soundtrack for the currently released film, Skate Kitchen.

"Heaven," the first song and accompanying video from the Skate Kitchen soundtrack, feels perfectly at place in this coming-of-age setting. Serving as the backing soundtrack for a film that chronicles a lonely suburban teenager finding her place in New York amongst an all-girl skateboarding group, the dream-inducing ballad is evocative of childhood. As Cotrill longingly stares at the cast from a distance, it's difficult not to feel an all-too-familiar sense of empathy and wonderment.

While the imagery of kids skating in a park is typically commonplace, the light-as-air vocal stylings of "Heaven" lends the entire scene a tinge of fantasy that makes the entire experience outright spellbinding. Unfortunately, and because a music video for a film needs at least one point of conflict, the remainder of the music video doesn't play out so serenely. Devolving into a skate park brawl, including a cameo from Jaden Smith who stars in the film, the juxtaposition of the angelic backing soundtrack and the reality of the situation makes us wish all skate brawls were soundtracked by clairo. As an iconic pop singer once claimed, "Heaven Is A Place On Earth," and maybe that place is a skatepark somewhere where clairo music is played on repeat.

Watch the video for "Heaven" below: