CLAY Addresses Generation Y In Two-Part Debut Track, "Wildthing/3's A Crowd"


Two-part singles don’t come by often, but Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter CLAY is completely changing the game with her debut track, “Wildthing/3’s A Crowd.” With two unexpected sides of a story, the former Berklee College of Music student expresses how she really feels about Generation Y. 


“This two-part song delves into both external and internal layers of my psyche," CLAY describes the double-sided track. 'WildThing' came from a place of feeling frustrated and isolated in the current state of my generation, while '3's A Crowd' shares more of my inner world and story."

"Wildthing” is smooth, soulful, and ethereal. In the first half of the track, CLAY voices the shared frustrations among young adults in this current wave of the digital age: "How are you a wild thing when your life is all screens, scrolling through the moments while you're missing the view?"

In the latter half of the song, "3′s A Crowd," the songstress brings us back to real life, away from screens and into the sounds of nature. She slows it down, telling a tale of past loves and rapping on a swoon-worthy cloud of silky strums backed by bass. CLAY croons, "Fix your eyes on the clear blue sky. Take a moment and look inside." 

In a world where our eyes are fixated on screens, take note from CLAY: we should all bask in nature once in a while. Stream the two-sided tune below and follow CLAY for more.