CLAY Resurfaces With Smash Single & Message for the “orange” One


Photo: Kanya Iwana

Our favorite self-proclaimed "purple-haired unicorn" is back after exactly a year-long release hiatus, and she's spitting truth about a different color: orange. A former favorite color that once reminded her of summer, mangos, Goldfish, and the morning sun now sheds a different emotional hue, one that is both politically charged and downright disturbing.

Much of America and the world can agree that orange has lost its particular charm after the culmination of the 2016 presidential election. An ongoing negative commentary on President Trump's unusually orange-tinted skin tone has become a powerful symbol of resistance among those who don't subscribe to "Trump's America," and unsurprisingly, CLAY is an avid part of that resistance.  

Having grown up in the flower-child city of San Francisco, creating music that reflects the change she wants to see in the world is no foreign feat to this burgeoning songwriter. The message behind "orange" is just as impressive as the song's musical elements, put simply: this song is truly a bop. A perfect blend of R&B and pop, CLAY's attention to catchy melodies matched with her seductively smoky vocal tone make this tune a must listen. 

But wait, there's more! Accompanying the smash is an equally enticing music video featuring CLAY dawning a series of posh, orange get-ups. CLAY performs her single directly to the camera with sparkling personality and emotional fervor. In addition to her explosive performance in the video, CLAY introduces a series of symbolic imagery - from being suffocated by cellophane to devouring tangerines and Goldfish only to spit them out, her viewers get a visual taste for her disdain for the one who "disrupted the peace" and ruined her "tangerine dreamin'."    

Watch the video in all its glory below: