CLOVES’ “California Numb” Video Finds Exceptionality In Its Simplicity


There's a terminology often used in music known as economy of materials, where intelligently utilizing the simplest materials can often produce exceptional works of art. CLOVES' latest music video for "California Numb" serves as a testament to this idea.

"California Numb" opens with CLOVES walking down the streets of New York City, undeterred by anything in her way. There's a certain element of bluntness in both the limited expressions CLOVES employs throughout her progression and in the straightforward manner the video is shot. Without having to explicitly state its intent, CLOVES succeeds in conveying a sense of frustration that is only further amplified through the video's simplicity. In only showcasing the most necessary and raw elements, CLOVES' sentiment, authentic songwriter, and vocal prowess remain undiluted–as they should be.

The understated nature of the video for "California Numb" makes for the perfect pairing of the song itself, as CLOVES demonstrates the stunning expression that can come about from simplicity.