COIN Catches the Feels and Our Hearts in “Simple Romance”


Photo: David O'Donohue

After a sold-out Ones To Watch tour at the beginning of the year, COIN is back to deliver another alternative-pop hit with their new song "Simple Romance." Crafting an undeniably catchy tune, they are trying to bring back the simple idea of romance. 

With driving instrumentation and fun lyrics, "Simple Romance" captures the idea that accepting the feelings you have for another person could translate into a blossoming relationship. Sometimes the other person can be resistant, and this song acts as a proclamation to let your guard down and admit what you feel. The tune's overall mix produces this "out of body" feeling through echoing guitars and distant synths, like when your heartstrings are being pulled in all kinds of directions for your crush. When it came to creating the song, singer and keyboardist Chase Lawrence shared,

"About a year ago, we started writing for our new album. We were so tired from touring & so sick of our approach to writing. We just wanted to do something different. In my experience, that's when the most interesting songs come out… almost out of necessity. Our drummer, Ryan, played an idea in GarageBand. We all crammed in a small studio space & played together in a way we hadn't in years… The song shook out in a few hours. Over time, it morphed & evolved. Mark Foster added a new bass line, Isom Innis *simplified* some parts. And, it hit me. We often don't realize how much work it really takes. Love isn't as simple as a feeling. It takes time, space, thought, decision and acceptance. At the time, I was almost romanticizing the idea of romance itself. Love is easy, but staying in love is an art.“

"Simple Romance" captures the essence of the early stages of falling for someone. The initial chemistry is tantalizing and to deny your feelings is to ignore what makes you human.

Watch the video for "Simple Romance" below:

COIN comprises of Ryan Winnen on drums, Chase Lawrence on vocals/keys, Zach Dyke on bass, and Joe Memmel on guitar/vocals. Together, the band carries a memorable live stage presence and a defined music persona. Revisit the tour preview with the band below. In conjunction with Ones To Watch, the band headlined a sold-out tour across the U.S at the beginning of the year. Revisit the tour preview with the band below.