“Comeback Kid” by Golden Coast Is Your New Power Anthem


Golden Coast just released the inspiring second single off of their upcoming EP, and we're feeling ready to take on the world. In their new track, "Comeback Kid," the indie-pop duo hits the synth sweet spot to create a powerful anthem that'll have you feeling like you're sitting on cloud nine. 

Golden Coast sings against The Man, "Try to take me down all you want, but you know that I got thick skin, go ahead and have a shot," on top of a sunshiny beat that has us wishing the weekend wasn't so far away. With a laid-back vibe and catchy hooks, we're hoping the single is just a taste of their full EP, which drops in November. 

If you're looking for a confidence boost this week, queue this up, dance in front of a mirror, and remind yourself of the badass you truly are.