Computer Love: PREP Shares 5 Electronic Musicians Inspired By Soul, Funk & Jazz


Although some digital production is involved, one spin of PREP's new Futures EP substantiates the fact that we can't simply place them in the "electronic music" category. Once we discovered that the four-piece comprises a hip-hop producer, a classical composer, a house DJ, and a singer/songwriter, all the smooth and eclectic sounds we enjoyed started to make much more sense. 

Released on Oct. 14 via B3SCI Records, Futures boasts a delightful medley of soulful vocals and rich organic instrumentation that designates it somewhere between R&B, funk, jazz, and pop. Considering the band clearly excels at manifesting classic influences into modern songwriting and production, we called on them to contribute a likeminded playlist for our listeners. Presenting Computer Love, featuring five handpicked musicians inspired by classic soul, funk & jazz, along with PREP’s personal commentary.

Henry Wu

"Amazing deep groove from this house producer."


"Pomo has serious electronic chops, yet this sounds like Roy Ayers/Idris Muhammad. We love it."


"We've been big fans of Redinho ever since he released 'Edge Off' a few years back. He's remixed one of the songs from our EP, which will drop soon."


"Maxo is amazing, he seems to release a track every week, this one has so much character."

Matra Magic

"This is a left-field selection. It's not especially smooth, but we love his computer game-inspired electronic big-band jazz."