Conan Gray Establishes Himself as a Voice of “Generation Why” in His Latest Video


The quick-service industry, napkins, the housing market, brunch, the institute of marriage comprise a short list of things millennials, otherwise known as Generation Y, have been accused of killing. 19-year-old bedroom pop singer-songwriter Conan Gray finds himself amongst this supposedly destructive generation, and with his newest single and music video, he is establishing himself as the voice of Generation Y.

"Generation Why," Gray's lead single from his forthcoming debut EP, Sunset Season, serves as a call-to-arms for a generation that often feels ignored or bridled with the expectations of its predecessors. Tackling the misguided perceptions of baby boomers under a blissful haze of dream pop, the single serves as a different sort of anthem. A clever use of irony and double entendre, scored by easygoing electronic production, leads the listener into a false sense of ease that contrasts the pressing message at hand. It is a subtle yet powerful skill that is only amplified by the accompanying music video.

The saturated, idyllic aesthetic of picture-perfect American suburbia juxtaposes Gray's ethereal lyricism the carries the crushing weight reality faced by "Generation Why." While it may not make the boomer generation listen to the very real issues faced by millennials, it's the sort of introductory lead single deserving of any generation's attention. So, grab your avocado toast, also known as the only industry apparently still well and thriving and the reason you can't afford a house, and lose yourself in Gray's dreamy message to all.

Watch the video for "Generation Why" below: