Cosmos & Creature Eases The Reluctant Transition To Adulthood In “Young”

We've all been there…and if you think you haven't, then just wait until it hits. It's that transitional period that we jokingly deem the "quarter life crisis," when we experience a shift of focus from the free-spirited adventures of adolescence to the high pressure career-building of adulthood. Cosmos & Creature perfectly encapsulate that transition, and spin it in a very positive light, in their new single "Young."

The young Ones To Watch couple Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore shared with Pigeons and Planes,

“‘Young’ was created out of a period of wonder & excitement in NYC,” Burnette says. “It’s the first song we officially wrote for the project. Influenced by an era of anthemic '90s pop, we blend electronic, soul & alternative elements to create the soundscape for our stories. Cosmos & Creature is inspired by our contemplation of self & our place in the universe.”

We love this song because not only is it innovative pop that we can sing and dance along to, but it also serves as an inspiration for all of us as we reminisce on the days where we "didn't care at all" and start to take ahold of our own destinies. So next time you're stressing out about your future, just remember, "The only way to know where we're headed, is to never second guess or regret it…how far we've come."