Cosmo’s Midnight Hosts an Awkward & Star-Studded Party in the Charming “Talk to Me” Video


Earlier this year, Australian producing duo Cosmo's Midnight blessed the world with their long-awaited debut album What Comes Next. The 12-track collection featured a range of collaborators, from Buddy, Tove Stryke, to Winston Surfshirt, and was a striking demonstration of the duo's distinctive taken on dance music. Now, Cosmo's Midnight has provided us with what comes next, and it may just be the cutest thing we've seen all year.

"Talk to Me," the Tove Stryke-assisted standout single, gets a video that is as charming as its sonic counterpart. Following Patrick and Cosmos Liney, the video plays out as a comedy of errors, with an overly earnest Patrick setting up modest decorations and Cosmos forgetting to invite anyone to the party. Thankfully, this is a dystopian or utopian reality, depending on how you look at it, where stand-ins for your closest friends are only a quick call away. As cameos of some of Cosmo's Midnight closest collaborators and friends flood in, it quickly becomes the most awkward party consisting of Australian stars to date.

While FaceTiming the likes of Touch Sensitive, Nina Las Vegas, Basenji, UV boi, Ryan Hemsworth, Tkay Maidza, and plenty others, may not be able to save the night, illicit substances most certainly can and do the trick. All lighthearted moments of delight aside, the video for "Talk to Me" deftly portrays the song's underlying them - that being how we communicate with one another. Likely separated by continents and touring and recording schedules, Cosmo's Midnight provides a lovely reality wherein communication and levity is possible, despite all odds.

Watch the video for "Talk to Me" below: