Couch Surfing Critiques: Warbly Jets Attacks Majors in New Single, “The Lowdown”


Warbly Jets, a four-piece indie rock group, brings together the thick guitar sound of bands like the Black Keys and adds synth to create something completely new. Comprising members Samuel Shea, Julien O'Neill, Dan Gerbang, Justin Goings, the band bring the sounds of British-pop to their home of Los Angeles.

The group began making music in 2015 after Samuel Shea and Julien O'Neill left New York to record for 3 months in LA. When they arrived in LA, their plans fell through, and they quickly found themselves living on couches and in motels for months at a time. "There were quite a few moments of slogging through shit," O'Neill said. Money was always tight for the group, who had no intention of being a scene band, but as they worked on their own unique sound, fans started paying attention. After a successful release of their first single, "Alive," Warbly Jet hit a string of dates around LA and started to build a solid fan base. Their hard-rocking second single, "The Lowdown," dropped July 7.

The song kicks off with hard hitting drums and fuzzed-out guitar before building into powerful vocals. The drum and bass grooves harder than their last single, "Alive." All the while, the lyrical content is just as straight forward.

"The Lowdown" is Warbly Jets' rejection of the music industry, particularly major labels. The band is fed up with the rejection of their own music and the general failure of labels to promote music that has real purpose. "It's a message to the people at the top - we don't look up to you, we look down at you," says O'Neill. 

The song is a rebellious anthem, and hopefully, the forthcoming album will be equally as sincere, snarling, and blunt.