Cousin Stizz Goes From Hustling to Infamy in ‘All Adds Up’


Boston native Cousin Stizz had a prolific 2017 with the release of his critically acclaimed major label debut One Night Only, which featured the likes of A-list rap personalities Offset and G-Eazy. One of the most promising up-and-comers in the hip-hop scene, his latest triple release All Adds Up is an impeccable return to form.

Gucci Mane can be thought of as one of the most pivotal rappers in Cousin Stizz's career. Gucci Mane's relaxed style of delivery over hypnotic trap beats informed much of the Boston rapper's own style – a style which Cousin Stizz demonstrates expertly over the three tracks that make up All Adds Up. Featuring production from Tee-WaTT, Lil Rich, Mike Hector, LDG, and Turtlebeats, the landscape of minimalistic, trap-inspired beats is a perfect fit for Cousin Stizz's straight-forward and powerful delivery. The entire affair seems to come naturally to Cousin Stizz, who from the first track, "Shop," to the grand finale, "Way Up," retains the same air of bravado regardless of the underlying thematic changes. The three track EP is more than just an excellent demonstration of one of hip-hop's rising emcees. All Adds Up charts a narrative path of a literal rise to infamy.

Starting on the gritty "Shop," which makes numerous references to hustling on the streets, we are introduced to a Cousin Stizz at the beginning of his inevitable climb upward. The following track "Did It" can very much be at taken at face value but more than a track that revels solely in the fact of finally making it, the entire experience is taken with a sense of surprise. Rapping, "I can't believe that we did it / Drug deals to condominiums," it paints a picture of an imagined reality that many aspire to but few reach. "Way Up" sees us arriving at our pinnacle: a much-deserved, mesmerizing celebration of climbing ever upwards. From the bottom to the top, Cousin Stizz's is a voice that speaks to people at whatever point they may find themselves.

Listen to it All Adds Up below: