Cousin Stizz’s MONDA Is The Sophomore Project You Hoped It Would Be


Far too many times in music, artists deliver an incredible debut project to critical acclaim and then can't seem to keep the magic for the next project. Boston rapper Cousin Stizz spent the last year making sure that he didn’t become a part of that statistic. We talked to Stizz at SXSW this year and he let us know that he was working hard on delivering a great product to follow up his impressive debut, Suffolk County. Safe to say, he accomplished his goal.

MONDA, named after a friend who recently passed away from Cancer, has the same Stizz you have come to love with better bars and bigger beats. Thanks to great production from Lil Rich, Tee Watt, Dumdrumz, Cardo, Latrell James, and more, Stizz was able to experiment with more flows, cadences, and melodies. We really get to see Stizz come into his own lyrically on this project and we couldn't be happier. Watch Stizz's latest video for "Where I Came From" here and stream MONDA below.