CRNKN and Sara Kendall Explore Escapism In “Grips” Music Video

You may be familiar with CRNKN from his impressive Purity Ring and DJ Snake remixes, but the LA-based producer's newest original track, "Grip," is even more buzz-worthy. After six years in the industry, CRNKN released his first music video last week, and trust us: it was worth the wait. 

The producer initially approached alternative pop singer, Sara Kendall, three years ago with "Grip" and has been holding on to the track ever since, patiently waiting for the right label to distribute his piece. Thanks to Mom + Pop Music, the eerie track has now made its way into our headphones.

The extraterrestrial vibe of the production provides a perfect platform for Kendall's deeply personal and haunting lyrics. She provided us with some insight on the song below:

“The Grip was written while I was stumbling through depression my sophomore year of college. I use the feeling of suffocation as an analogy to allow the listener to visualize where I was at that time in my life. The song was also partially inspired by the beautiful and compelling way Thomas Hardy describes sadness in the novel Tess of the d'Ubervilles. The chorus is just a simple repeated question asking how to escape - I think being minimal here was a good way to get the point across." 

The video explores depression as a physical place, as well as the escapism concept Kendall touched on above. We see Kendall fight her way through various intense elements, including a party and a blizzard, all in a motel room setting. As much as she tries to get away from this room, she finds herself back in it time after time. 

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